Traditional Money
by Charles Opitz
This is a part of my personal collection of Odd & Curious Money.
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  Traditional Money - Odd & Curious Money - Primitive Money
About The Author...
Charles J. Opitz has collected Odd & Curious, Primitive, or Traditional Money for over 50 years. At age seventeen he started his collection and was inspired by the rarity and amount of study needed to complete a collection. He has traveled to New Guinea, Africa, Russia, Solomon Islands, Trobriand Islands, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Yap, Palau, Greece, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Orient gathering items of Primitive money and art for his collection. PAYMENT I accept paypal. My name is Just log onto and send the payment. I DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS Give me your mailing address and the items you are buying. On the list of catagories to the left is "trips". Click on this to see pictures and information on some of my trips. One is my 1973 trip to Papua New Guinea.
Charles Opitz - collector, author, publisher.
an ethnographics Study of Traditional Money An Ethnographic Study of Traditional Money
This book is the result of more than 26 years of research and the review of 600 books containing ethnographic information on traditional money which is also known as odd & curious money or primitive money. It is a fascinating journey through the history of the intermingling of culture and money.
Contains more than 1,200 pictures of traditional money, 150 of which are full color (most of the photographs were taken by the author of items in his personal collection)- $80.00
Traditional Money on Yap & Palau By Charles Opitz
In February, 2003, I visited Yap and Palau. I visited the chiefs on Yap and met with the Queen of Palau. I have written a book on the traditional money on Yap and Palau. The book is 48 pages with over 100 pictures in full color. It is 8 1/2" x 11" with a soft cover. The price is $9.00 plus postage. Email for quanitiy discounts. I prefer to receive paypal payments for items purchased. My name is I DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS You can call me 352-237-4749.
An Ethnographic Study of Traditional Money